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Long Island Cares is one of the region most comprehensive hunger assistance organizations, serving thousands of individuals and families in need. They bring together all available resources for the benefit of the hungry on Long Island, and provide to the best of their ability for the humanitarian needs of our community. Long Island Cares provides […]

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A federal judge on Thursday blocked grizzly bear hunts outside Yellowstone National Park two days before their start, postponing them for 14 days as he deliberates over lawsuits challenging the Trump administration’s removal of endangered species protections for the animals. District Judge Dana L. Christensen said attorneys cheap canada goose for conservation and tribal groups […]

Running away is also a legitimate option

Firearms are by far the most effective tool for preventing bodily harm to one self and loved ones at the hands of an aggressive attacker (or multiple attackers) (The most effective means of preventing death or bodily harm to oneself are situational awareness, preparedness and positive forethought for safety and security. Running away is also […]

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“His manifesto had references to people and events and leaders and countries all over the world. In essence, essentially driving headlines in different places,” Kates said. “Then, when his community, his friends on the internet watch this coverage around the world, they can kind of chuckle at us for falling for it.”. cheap canada goose […]