Grandstand wednesday august 7th 2017 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Grandstand wednesday august 7th 2017 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The first ever Grandstand will be held on Monday August 7th 2017 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Grandstand will feature 5,000+ people and feature the world’s largest indoor concert audience of over 10 million people.

Grandstand is the largest indoor concert arena in the world and hosts performances, lectures and conventions, with concerts, talks and more including:

– A live concert series, featuring John Mayer, George Ezra, Steve Winwood, Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Mike Patton, Richard Caddock and many others.

– A series of concerts and events, including one night only performances from all-star act Steve Winwood, a live concert series from Radiohead, Neil Young, Frank Zappa, Bruce Springsteen, and more.

– A number of free festivals, arts, shows and other events.

– A new, permanent stadium.

Grandstand will be held every fall at the Wisconsin Public Schools Stadium from November through March, 2017

All proceeds go directly to the WPS Foundation.

Grandstand will be opened and officially dedicated on January 18th, 2018.

Event Information

Grandstand: Grandstand


Wisconsin Public Schools Stadium, Suite 12A (Madison, WI), Wisconsin, USA

Cost per St바카라age: $22,500+ plus approximately $30,000 for temporary lighting

Ticket to Grandstand will be available on-line on May 13th

Scheduled Performances:

June 6, 2015 John Mayer – Wisconsin

June 14, 2015 The Flaming Lips – Wisconsin

July 11, 2015 Radiohead – Wisconsin

July 25, 2015 George Ezra – Wisconsin

August 2, 2015 St바카라사이트eve Reich – Wisconsin

September 3, 2015 Bruce Springsteen – Wisconsin

September 13, 2015 The Stone Roses – Wisconsin

November 10, 2015 Frank Zappa – Wisconsin

November 18, 2015 The Rolling Stones – Wisconsin

November 29, 2015 George Ezra – Indiana

December 3, 2015 Steve Reich – Indiana

December 10, 2015 The Beach Boys – Wisconsin

December 17, 2015 The Cure – Indiana

December 24, 20바카라사이트15 John Mayer – Indiana

December 31, 2015 Keith Urban – Indiana

January 11, 2016

*Please note that the Wisconsin Public Schools Stadium will only host a limited number of these events at a time (1-month minimum per event – i